3NORTH, a Richmond, Virginia based design collaborative, is composed of architects, interior designers, and landscape architects who work with in-house graphic designers, historians, writers, and artists to produce houses, buildings, landscapes, interiors, and graphic products. The firm developed the Corrugated Box Building with partner design firms, and cultivates a cross-disciplinary approach in a studio environment of intense creativity. An award-winning design firm, 3north also has been honored as a highly successful business the result of skilled management and a sophisticated interpretation of client goals and market feasibility. In 2006, 3north established its West Coast office in San Francisco and has served clients across the US and from Nova Scotia to the Caribbean.

3north has codified its unique, cross-disciplinary approach to design into a process called “IQ Intangible Qualities.” The IQ approach, based on authentic and meaningful characteristics specific to each project, enriches the design process by revealing project themes and concepts that guide project direction and client decisions. IQ findings, discovered through research and client-based IQ charrettes, aid in the development of all aspects of a project from envisioning and theming to design guidelines and design development to marketing materials and promotional graphic products. 3north’s IQ approach simplifies the design process by streamlining project coordination for everyone involved, thus saving time and reducing costs.