Cody Solberg

Designer | Architecture

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Our responsibility as architects and designers is embedded in producing designs that activate the senses, articulate a story, and ultimately enrich the minds of those who inhabit them.

Travel and an instinctive curiosity have always been in Cody’s wheelhouse, having grown up on both American coasts and overseas in England. These rich experiences fostered a deep interest in what defines places, buildings, landscapes, and cultures. This, combined with encouragement from his parents to engage with his artistic side, drove him to pursue his passion for architecture. Cody is an Associate member of the AIA and is in the process of licensure. It was the collaborative nature of 3north, as well as the ever-changing project types and clients united by a common theme of design excellence, that inspired him to move to Richmond. An active person, Cody enjoys swimming, traveling, listening to music, exploring, and photographing new places. He loves spending time with friends, family, and his dogs – often over a gin and tonic or a cold IPA. While his current home base is on the East Coast, his heart will always belong to the mountain landscapes of his childhood in the Pacific Northwest.

Cody received his Bachelor of Architecture from Virginia Tech.