Damon Pearson AIA

Director, Senior Project Manager

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“Inspiration comes when you open your eyes and see as if it were the first time. Cities, aesthetics, tiny details or sunlight coming through a window are just a few of the things that most take for granted, yet there’s so much richness to be found."

Never settling for the status quo, Damon seeks to discover the unexpected in life and bring it to his process of design. His adventurous nature has driven him to explore the most remote parts of the world, from Alaska’s northern landscape to the southern shores of Cambodia. It’s through these experiences that Damon’s worldview has expanded, offering differing perspectives on politics, planning, aesthetics, history and communications – all critical to being a great generalist architect. This working knowledge of a greater viewpoint on the world enables Damon to creatively plan and oversee the designs created by the 3north team, transcending and transforming the human experience.

Damon received his Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Virginia and his Master of Fine Arts in Architecture from Princeton University. Currently a Director at 3north, Damon previously worked at several nationally recognized design firms including William McDonough + Partners and Michael Graves Architecture & Design. He has also partnered in several Richmond design companies including Watershed, Tektonics Design Group, and Stijl Cycles. Active in the community, Damon serves on the board for Virginia Repertory Theater and in the past served as chair for the James River Green Building Council’s Greenspaces design competition.