Dennis Craig AIA

Associate, Senior Project Manager

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“Great design inspires. It evokes emotional responses and is layered with meaning and beauty. It elevates our experience and understanding of a place.”

If you’re looking for a creative solution to a major design challenge, look no further. Dennis is most energized when developing innovative strategies to complete complex architecture projects. His ability to see multiple perspectives at the same time allows him to consider all options before presenting an ideas to clients, while his sketching and visioning skills effectively communicate these ideas to clients and the design team. His lighthearted disposition, combined with close attention to detail, enables him to mentor staff effectively by sharing his knowledge and experience to encourage learning while instilling passion for the art of design. In his spare time, Dennis dabbles in many hobbies and interests as a way to constantly broaden his worldview. He enjoys the arts, watercolor painting, travel, sports, gardening, building things and good food.

Dennis received his Bachelor of Architecture from Montana State University.