Jenn Hare

Designer | Landscape Architecture

“Careful attention to the context and history of each project, the creative process and the importance of capturing the spirit of place in each design is what I care about and also what drew me to 3north. They’ve repeatedly proven, through their work, that they know how to design unique spaces that positively influence how people experience and interact with their surroundings.”

Landscape architecture is where Jenn’s interest in art, design, and nature intersect — whether working on a small site or a regional plan. Her imagination and passion are fueled by history, nature, color, craftsmanship and use of native plants and indigenous materials in modern ways. Jenn’s ability to subtly intertwine elements from the past and present is what makes her designs simultaneously functional and elegant. When she’s not sketching out ideas, Jenn can be found painting with watercolors, hiking, attending local festivals, and collecting vintage clothing and antiques.

Jenn received her Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Virginia Tech.