Lucila Silva-Santisteban

Designer | Landscape Architecture

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Everything has a relationship to everything. Great design should be a response to the larger system of relationships, like a harmony note in a song.

Growing up in South America, Lucila has always had a special interest in culture, the importance of the environment, and solving spatially-related problems. Through her experience in the landscape and architecture field, both Colombia and New York City, she is passionate about how design-focused research can promote all types of development in the built environment, and finding solutions to resiliency issues through the Landscape Architecture lens. Having a multidisciplinary approach to design and a variety of projects are what attracted her to 3north. It is hard for her to separate herself from the “design/professional” world since she loves what she does. Lucila is more of an urbanite-being, exploring new cities, meeting new people and enjoying good food. After a tasty brunch and mimosa, you can find her at museums, contemporary art events, sketching or reading.

Lucila is a Colombian Licensed Architect. She received her Bachelor in Architecture from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and has a Master in Landscape Architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design.