Matt Scarnaty

Designer | Architecture

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“I believe in the power of good design to improve people’s mood, wellbeing, and their lives.”

At a young age Matt was obsessed with building things, from Legos and sandcastles, to eventually furniture and gardens, and now actual buildings. The desire to create places that inspire generations of people who live, work, and play in them fuels his passion for design. With his background in both architecture and landscape architecture, 3North’s unified design approach felt like a natural fit with all disciplines working together under one roof. Matt also looked forward to working on some of Richmond’s most prominent historic structures, while also designing buildings of tomorrow. He is inspired by the idea of creating something that will inspire generations of people long after he’s gone. Matt loves traveling, discovering great restaurants, and learning new recipes. Aside from work, you can find Matt tending to his garden, spending time with friends and family, or playing with his adorable puppy, Oliver.

Matt received his Bachelor of Arts in Sustainable Development from George Mason University and earned his Master’s in Architecture and Landscape Architecture from the University of Virginia.