Nicole Horton

Designer | Interiors + Graphics

“Things like music, cinema and literature are all avoidable, but that isn’t the case with design and architecture. It’s not something people consciously think about, yet it surrounds us. Design is imperative to society because we interact with it constantly. It affects us physically, mentally and emotionally. If we can live in a world with great design, we will certainly improve our quality of life.”

Nicole’s passion for design is fueled by her surroundings and interactions. She is instinctively visual and reacts to arbitrary elements with curiosity and wonder. Nicole observes artists, architects, musicians and authors to broaden her thinking, open new perspectives, and generate ideas that ultimately inform her designs. She enjoys both interior and graphic design and has the opportunity to use both talents at 3north. In her spare time, Nicole is constantly pushing her creative edge. After visiting the Pop Art Exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, she was inspired to explore ideas and create a graphic book. Collaborating with a writer, she hopes to produce something tangible that readers will feel and digest.

Nicole received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from Virginia Commonwealth University.