Patricia Chia

Designer | Architecture

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"Design is most productive when you seek the right balance between intuition, analysis and practicality."

Growing up in Singapore, a land-scarce city-state, Patricia was often confronted with the delicate tension between preservation of social memories and development. In her youth, she also found a further appreciation for spaces and cities through hours of running, cycling and swimming through various landscapes as a competitive triathlete. These experiences led Patricia to pursue a career in architecture in order to have an active hand in shaping the built environment. Drawn to 3North for its multidisciplinary nature, Patricia enjoys a design challenge that is not limited by scale, medium, or discipline. She is most excited by opportunities to uncover moments that are unique to the culture and identity of a place, then using these to inform the generative design process. Outside of work, Patricia can be found in her kitchen testing the boundaries of culinary failure in trying to recreate dishes she misses from home, as well as exploring the food, nature and rich history Richmond has to offer.

Patricia received her Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from the National University of Singapore, and her Master of Architecture from Princeton University.