Modern Renovation Richmond, VA Residential

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After she moved from Denmark to Virginia, a client wanted to create a home that reminded her of the clean, Bauhaus-inspired forms she grew up around back home. She also travels often for work, her husband is a physician, and amid all of it, they are raising two children. Life is frenetic. Without rearranging the footprint or tearing down walls, the new interior employs straight lines from marble and wood – creating an eclectic space with an unquestionably European feel in the American South. To maximize clean lines, much is hidden and given a place: there’s no clutter or appliances on counters, there’s a spot for purses and coats, charging cords are tucked away, and wine storage is kept out of sight. What’s left is a calming, restful setting that gives the family a soothing environment in which to return home. And if that’s not enough, how about looking out the picture window onto a lake from the confines of the master bath’s stone soaking tub?