Alex Beranek

Designer | Architecture

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“Architecture can’t force people to connect, it can only plan the crossing points" - Denise Scott Brown

What started as an interest in high school, Alex’s love for architecture grew and he found himself taking a few drafting classes, eventually working part-time as a draftsman before graduating. What drew him to 3North was not only the large body of local/regional works, but also the firm’s focus on a healthy and friendly work culture. He believes all design reflects our values, and great design does this in such a way that it can challenge or change how we perceive our own assumptions and understanding of what we value. More so, great design should address problems of today like inclusivity, representation and climate crisis. Outside of work, Alex likes to “get lost” on local trails around Richmond either on foot or bike, and enjoys any water related activity.

Alex received his Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Temple University, and earned his Masters of Architecture from the University of Virginia.