Intangible Qualities

The Garden has enjoyed the tremendous benefits of partnering with 3North. In addition to engaging in a highly successful master site planning process, we are delighted with the visionary and creative methods the team has used to help us imagine the Garden as a community hub, a regional treasure and a national attraction. The IQ charrette process yielded far more than we thought possible, and impressed even those participants with broad experience in national-level planning initiatives. I am not the least bit surprised that this top-caliber firm is being sought nationally and internationally for its vision and execution.

Shane Tippett Former Executive Director
Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Intangible Qualities

is an abbreviation for Intangible Qualities, refers to inherent or intrinsic characteristics of a site, building, or community that combine over time to form its distinctive sense of place. 3North’s process seeks to discover these qualities and use them to provide the basis for a truly authentic and durable design vision.

IQ ensures that design decisions are based on unique characteristics that emanate from the property, with the objective of preserving and enhancing inherent value, strengthening an overall brand image, and inspiring a community. The goal is to create cohesive design with genuine character, and to develop a consistent identity with strong, compelling integrity.

IQ merges the storyline of the history and context of a property with the owner’s mission, goals, and aspirations for development. The IQ process and product ensures that all future planning and design decisions will be carried out with a meaningful, consistent design vision.