Morgan Pierce AIA, ASLA, LEED AP


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“Great design reaches beyond the superficial realm of what is fashionable or "hip” and speaks to a more substantive dialog of what it means to be a place, a space or an object in this hyper- informed and overstimulated world. This requires a deeper understanding of the history, character, and spirit of a place and its occupants, and how these contribute to its desirability in the present and to its success in the future.”

Deriving inspiration from the people he meets, the places he visits and the significance that design has on improving our world is simply in Morgan’s DNA. He is fueled by the seemingly endless prospect of making places better and our experiences richer. The impact he has on our team is nothing short of remarkable and his presence is felt daily even though he lives and works in San Francisco, 2,873 miles from our home office in Richmond. Morgan’s clear vision, strong design eye, and quick ability to grasp the intangible essence of a project coupled with his passion for mentoring staff are some of the attributes that make him an effective leader and collaborator. When he is in Richmond, the staff is never short on donuts or laughs, and they serve as constant reminders of one of his favorite things about 3North: the firm is populated by a group of incredibly talented and passionate individuals who are a joy to work with, because they take design very seriously and themselves less so. He notes that 3North’s collective approach to design is governed by no predetermined style, but rather is informed by context and serves to contribute content to a broader narrative. In this endeavor, he explains, we are always questioning the “how” and the “why” relative to each project with the goal of improving our processes and products each time.

Morgan received his Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from Pennsylvania State University.