Monument Avenue Makeover Richmond, VA Residential

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Richmond’s Monument Avenue Historic District has always been a venerable address due to its broad, tree-lined and cobbled boulevard of impressive homes, and our recent collaboration with interior designers O’Brien & Muse afforded the opportunity to refresh one of these gems. Originally conceived in 1908 by architect M.J. Dimmock the home featured a typical layout for the period – grand rooms for formal entertainment at the front and smaller, functional spaces such as a kitchen and service areas toward the rear. Intent on preserving the formal rooms at the front of the home we turned our attention to the rear to create more gracious areas for family cooking and gathering while improving connection to the gardens. The enclosure of an existing covered side porch results in a glassy breakfast nook which allows natural light to penetrate deeper into the home resulting in a brighter, more open character. Throughout the house original architectural details have been preserved and complemented with more contemporary additions in terms of cabinetry, lighting, furnishings, and art.