Chase Cothran

Associate, Project Manager

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“Great design is important, because on the most basic human level it is the ability for us to create better places that have a profound effect on the wellbeing of others.”

Imagine giving a 6-year-old a complex toy for his birthday, only to find that three days later the toy has been completely disassembled. This wasn’t unusual for Chase, who has been tinkering since he was a kid. His love of building and design continued to grow during his time woodworking at a local millshop and as he successfully renovated two boats. An insatiable curiosity for how things are built combined with a natural eye for design enables him to straddle the line between interior design and architecture at 3North. Chase believes that a liberating culture translates to creating great design, which is one of the primary reasons he joined 3North. Beyond tinkering, Chase also enjoys sailing and making music.

Chase received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from Virginia Commonwealth University.