Andrew Wallace

Project Manager

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“Great design is important because it improves the quality of life”

Despite beginning his academic career pursuing automotive design, Andrew quickly began gravitating towards architecture as he learned about its history which compelled him to think more about life and how people move through space and time. Ultimately, he decided to switch majors after his first year at Virginia Tech and focus on Architecture and the pursue the idea that every detail is a chance to explore, learn, and engage our senses. 3North appealed to Andrew due to the level of detail and attention he saw in its projects, and its commitment to the practice. He believes great design is important because it allows us to fully enjoy the precious moments and minutiae in life. He is inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright and his father, who is a licensed architect who worked in Switzerland. Aside from work, Andrew enjoys reading Sci-fi, exploring 3D printing, traveling with his fiancé, and mountain biking. Oh, and did we mention he’s a huge Star Wars fan?

Andrew received his Bachelor of Architecture from Virginia Tech.