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"If you're finished, it's not architecture." - Caleb Snyder

Cole has been a creative type since childhood, and he’s grateful that architecture allows that to remain a big part of his life. At 3North, Cole finds his niche with a bi-coastal lifestyle, balancing the familial warmth of Virginia with the alluring charms of California. He has ‘found a home’ in Residential architecture, where he feels honored to help clients realize their dreams by drawing their daily routines to the forefront. Cole aims to push his designs beyond the acceptable and into the sublime, drawing inspiration from the thought-provoking case studies in form and material by architects like Peter Zumthor. Away from the drafting table, Cole is a wanderer at heart—whether it’s venturing into uncharted territories, immersing himself in creative projects, or enjoying coffee and wine.

Cole received his Bachelor of Architecture from Virginia Tech. He is a licensed Architect and a member of the American Institute of Architects.