Harrison Meade

Designer | Architecture

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“By giving in to our preconceptions, we miss what might be right in front of us. And sometimes what we miss is breathtaking.” – Ed Yong, from An Immense World.

Harrison didn’t just stumble upon his decision to pursue architecture; it was a poignant blend of form and function, of art and science that peaked his creative interests while satisfying his pragmatic mind. Drawn to the collaborative environment at 3North, he found a workplace full of synergy, where architects, designers, and artisans converge, crafting projects as diverse as they are dynamic. The welcome presence of dogs made the space not just innovative but wonderfully inclusive. Harrison believes that great design goes beyond aesthetics; it shapes our very experience, influencing our daily lives, moods, and perceptions with an often silent yet profound presence. Beyond the drafting table, he enjoys being outdoors, unwinding amid nature, walking his dogs through parks, and testing his skill on Richmond’s disc golf courses. In these moments, Harrison finds an echo of the balance he strives for in his designs—where joy and function are in perfect harmony.

Harrison received his Bachelor of Architecture from Virginia Tech.