Miriam Hossaini

Designer | Architecture

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“Every time we build anything we affect the quality of life of people.” - Jan Gehl

Miriam draws her artistic vision with the community’s spirit, bringing local character into her designs. She was drawn to 3North’s IQ process that makes more than just computer designs; she enjoys creating spaces that talk back to us, bringing people and places together. To Miriam, design is all about connecting people and making a place come alive. Each job is a chance to celebrate what makes a space special and amplify its history and culture. She thinks good design not only meets the needs of the community but tells the area’s history and reflects those who live there. When she’s not working, Miriam has fun by aerial dancing or paddleboarding on the James. On rainy days, her home turns into a studio for cooking and crafts, where friends come over to enjoy her homemade treats, just as welcoming as the places she makes.

Miriam received her Bachelor of Science in Architecture and Global Studies from University of Virginia.