Natalie Khoury

Procurement Coordinator

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“….every situation has its own specifics and for every situation, there will be a different story. I am not into repetitive recipes, I am not into recognizable forms and I am not into recognizable syntax.” -Bernard Khoury, Architect

Natalie’s deep passion for all things aesthetic, spanning from chic home furnishings to cutting-edge fashion, has made her a vibrant addition to Porter Street Purchasing, a division of 3North. She firmly believes that exceptional design is crucial for the continuous evolution of our world, playing a pivotal role in introducing diverse and novel aesthetics into our lives. Her inspiration stems from witnessing her parents’ dedication and hard work, which not only instilled in her the essence of a successful business model but also a keen sense of aesthetic appeal. Drawn by the people and the leadership at 3North and Porter Street Purchasing, Natalie finds it to be a place where her passions and professional aspirations align perfectly. Beyond the realms of her work, she runs an olive oil business aimed at supporting underprivileged women in Lebanon. Traveling is another one of her passions where she, her husband (who also works at 3North), and two little boys, explore new cultures and destinations, eager to instill a sense of global awareness and diversity in their family through unique experiences.

Natalie received her Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs and Political Science from Randolph-Macon College and earned her Master of Arts in International Relations from The Lebanese American University.