Our Process

Gibson Island Clubhouse IQ Historical Chronology

Intangible Qualities

Beyond structure and form alone, we believe that all places possess indelible qualities that connect with our emotions to create a powerful sense of place. To this end, we always design with a project’s intangible qualities in mind. Before putting pen to paper on any project, we embark on extensive research to understand a site’s history, context and surroundings. This ensures that design decisions are based on authentic characteristics that emanate from the property itself – ultimately resulting in a better design.

We’ve also taken this one step further, and have developed a collaborative process that we call Intangible Qualities (IQ, for short). It serves to uncover and integrate the underlying characteristics of a particular property as well as the owner’s mission and goals. Through intensive research and active stakeholder engagement, our IQ Process collaboratively identifies the historic storylines and unique cultural and physical assets of a property and distills them into guiding project themes. These themes then become the consistent value drivers for all design disciplines in the creation of a unique, authentic, and memorable sense of place.

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden IQ Charrette

Project Advocacy

We are advocates for our clients’ success, and we believe that our influence should extend beyond what happens at the drawing board or the construction site. Intense collaboration with our clients and key project stakeholders enables us to execute great design while ensuring that their organizational objectives are met. 3North brings significant experience partnering with clients through a variety of channels, including:

  • Stakeholder education and engagement
  • Community engagement
  • Fund development
  • Entitlement strategy
  • Generating approvals from decision-makers
  • Zoning and historic regulation clearance
  • Project marketing and presentations