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3North’s Office Renovation Has Officially Begun!

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We are excited to announce that Phase 1 of our office renovation has officially begun! To kick things off, we conducted an Intangible Qualities (IQ) Charrette with our staff. This provided a forum to collaboratively envision the future home of 3North and identify the key elements that are important to us. Some of the desired qualities identified during the charrette include a natural palette integrated with greenery, materials and fabrics that feel organic, ample natural light, versatile spaces, and transforming our outdated building into a modern work environment.

The renovation will focus on updating the building’s public areas, as well as creating new collaboration studios on each floor. We want these spaces to be reflective of our company culture – welcoming, integrative, and forward-thinking. We are also excited to add green space to the building interiors. These elements will help bring nature indoors and create a more pleasing environment for both staff and guests alike.

The new collaboration spaces will be versatile and multifunctional, so they can flex as necessary for team meetings, training, social events, and more. One of our goals with this renovation is to create a home that encourages staff engagement and maximize cross-pollination of design disciplines. We believe that these new spaces will foster a sense of community and enhance communication and cooperation among our team members.

Stay tuned for more updates on the renovation as we move forward!