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We’re embarking on a New Chapter

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The New Year is ushering in some exciting changes at 3north. We’re pleased to share that 3North has merged with Visible:Proof, a design firm specializing in interior design and branding, for corporate, restaurant, retail, and residential clients.

Over the past year, our organizations have worked together on several great projects, including exciting work with Luck Companies and the Martin Agency. These opportunities have proven that we are energetic partners who share a passion for solving complex challenges through great design. To expand on this momentum and take our collaboration to the next level, we’re joining forces.

Merging promises fresh opportunities for our own team, our professional partners, and our clients. We’ll be expanding our interior design practice, and further strengthening our partnerships with clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic. We’ll be embarking on our designs with an invigorated multidisciplinary approach and close client collaboration. This increased capacity is empowering us to more fully serve projects simultaneously through holistic thinking and a keen attention to the smallest details.

At 3North’s core is our ability to design buildings, interiors, and landscapes that capture the intangible qualities of that particular place. Our collective purpose is to create places that inspire and engage the people who experience them. We’re looking forward to further raising the bar on what it means to produce great design, together.

Here’s to the next chapter.