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Erin Webb Honored with AIA Virginia Emerging Professional Award

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The AIA Virginia Emerging Professional Award recognizes the accomplishments of emerging leaders for their contributions to the profession in design, research, education, commitment, mentorship and service to the community. This year, 3North’s Erin Webb, was honored this award, highlighting her accomplishments through AIA Richmond, YAiF, Emerging Leaders in Architecture, and mentorship:

  • Co-chair for the YAiF committee and introduced retitling to be more inclusive of intern architects.
  • Helped grow the membership of the Allied Member Committee.
  • Assisted in Architecture Week, the Annual Golf Tournament, and Firm Liaison List.
  • Honored the inaugural Richard L. Ford Award.
  • Selected to be a member of the Emerging Leaders in Architecture class of 2013.
  • Helped lead the 3north Canstruction team in a competition in which design professionals created structures out of canned goods which were later donated.
  • Spearheaded a 3north fundraiser to bring Christmas to two local families in need.
  • Led an Explore Design Seminar, which focused on how to integrate modular pieces in to a larger pattern or design.
  • Presenter at the Full STEAM Ahead Conference by CodeVA, talking about the professions of architecture and landscape architecture, emphasizing the critical role women play in both fields.

Throughout her years at 3North, Erin’s ability to lead has generated and expanded professionalism that has elevated interactions with principals, team members and clients. She has also continued to be involved in student mentorship and community service throughout her time as an architect in Richmond. In a traditionally male-dominated field, Erin has embraced being a female leader, leading gracefully, and authentically.