Becca Taveras NCIDQ

Director, Senior Project Manager

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"Design affects us at every moment of our lives – there’s no avoiding it. Everything in the built environment is the result of design, for better or worse."

At an early age, Becca found herself more interested in making spaces for her toys rather than playing with the toys themselves. She would build intricate homes for her Sims family and quit the minute the house was complete to start a new one. Realizing there was a profession where she could explore and create spaces sparked her passion for Interior Design. Becca is inspired by finding the solutions to problems. Either designing a new office environment or creating a restaurant, the overall design process is similar for each project she tackles – the “answer” is always a unique reflection of the client.  Aside from work, Becca’s other passion is her daughter (who currently runs the house!). Recently having moved back to Richmond, family cookouts, pool days and frequent trips to Maymont are what Becca enjoys on a regular basis.  When not at home, she loves to explore cities, soaking in local cultures, food and surrounding areas.

Becca is NCIDQ certified. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from Virginia Tech and received a Master of Science in Architecture with a concentration in Interior Design, at Virginia Tech.