Daniel Strait AIA


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“Design comes to life at the human scale; and at 3North, I am surrounded by people who believe that the designer does not just create beautiful objects, but also has the privilege to influence the way people relate to their environments and to each other.”

Daniel’s passion for uncovering the magic of “third places” is what drives him to consider the role that thoughtful design plays in creating functional, engaging social spaces. He notes that it is in these very spaces that a familiarity and newness is always available, sensed and experienced based on who and what is present. Daniel’s inquisitiveness was provoked over many years while spending time in cafes across Europe and America, paying attention to how the built environment influences our experiences and relationships. (It also influenced his love of other “perfect pairs”: muffins + coffee and pretzels + beer.)

Daniel received his Bachelor of Architecture with a minor in Landscape Architecture from Virginia Tech.