Martin Agency Richmond, VA Commercial & Multifamily

Completion Date
2011, 2019
Services Provided
  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • 2020 • AIA Richmond Merit Award, Interiors
  • 2019 • Office Snapshots 'The Martin Agency Offices – Richmond' Article
  • 2019 • Archello 'The Martin Agency' Article


The Martin Agency is a world-class ad agency with a history of creating work that impacts culture. However, over time their building hadn’t kept up with their style of work. Dark hallways flanked in green steel were the unifier and the common spaces provided little room for creative collaboration.

To better mesh the space with the people and the work in it, out went the cubes, and in their place: adaptive office spaces, glass-paned brainstorm rooms, whiteboard walls, and tucked away “havens.” Decorative metalwork was stripped away, and the space returned to natural materials, clean lines, and natural light. To foster a versatile and collaborative environment, the reception desk was replaced with a custom-made steel-framed table that doubles as a co-working space for employees, and the Lobby was transformed into a gallery — inviting, dynamic, and embedded with the character of Richmond. To give employees even more reasons to gather, a bar celebrating the agency’s Richmond roots was created, complete with rotating taps of local brews. As part of our ongoing partnership, we are still renovating “nodes” within The Martin Agency.