Try-Me Gallery Richmond, VA Commercial & Multifamily

Completion Date
Services Provided
  • Architecture
  • 2012 • Richmond AIA Honor Award


These row houses were built in the 1920’s by a local soft drink bottler that had a franchise from the Try-Me beverage company. The client required space for art storage, exhibition space, office space, a conference room, space for benefit functions to accommodate various non-profit groups of up to 200 people, a catering kitchen, toilets and storage and utility rooms. The space needed to be flexible to accommodate varying pieces of art as well as large functions. It needed museum quality environmental controls for the art and a way to safely store all sizes of works that would be conveniently accessible. The buildings lie within a Federal and State historic district and are considered contributing structures. The owner planned on taking advantage of the tax credits available for historic buildings. The “Big Idea” behind the design was to preserve the large open space of the original building and keep its industrial qualities by using the original building materials