Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden Waterway Richmond, VA Civic & Cultural

Project Partners
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Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden enlisted the help of 3North to design and expand their Children’s Garden splash pad feature and surrounding area dubbed, Waterway. 3North worked closely with the Garden staff, Garden patrons, Southern Playground, and Waterplay by MAKR to identify spray fixtures that worked with the overall nature-focused botanical design theme. 3North was brought onboard to finalize the conceptual design, create construction drawings for hardscape and landscape, and assist with permitting and construction administration. The final design included a thematic bubbly stream feature with calmer water sprays for younger children and an adjacent more active splash zone for older children. Additionally, the design included new seatwalls and boulders for guardian seating, an expanded sidewalk and hardscape area for better circulation, and new planting beds.

Photography credit: Will Nelson