Riverfront Amphitheater Richmond, VA Civic & Cultural

Completion Date
Under Construction


The excitement is growing as the Riverfront Amphitheater begins to take shape on Richmond’s historic Gambles Hill!  Engaging one of downtown’s most dynamic locations, the amphitheater will provide a unique live entertainment experience with stunning views of the James River and the Richmond skyline. As the latest in a series of important enhancements to the downtown riverfront, the new venue is set to draw top talent and a broad range of high-profile events for patrons throughout the region.  And with a strategic position at the crossroads of expanding pedestrian and cyclist paths, the amphitheater underscores the community’s increasing engagement with river-focused activities and Richmond’s urban outdoors.

We are thrilled to contribute to this visionary project, creating a world-class venue at one of the city’s most iconic sites.

For more information, please visit www.RVAAMP.com.